Heather picks up groceries for her family from our onsite pantry every week. When asked if she would be interested in sharing her story with others, she enthusiastically agreed, and asked if she could write it down herself. The next week, she brought this letter with her to the food bank to share her family’s story with us — and with you.

“We first found out about Community Food Share four years ago. We were barely making it to pay bills and were not able to get EBT. So, my husband and I made our way one day to check you all out, coming in the doors we were greeted and treated nicely. We got the paperwork filled out and were able to shop that day. Everyone was so nice and helpful. We got good food. Nothing was moldy, freezer burnt and the veggies were fresh. I come weekly and it helps to be able to get the food we need so I can feed our family.

When Covid hit my husband got it and was unable to work for three months. We were barely making it but I knew each week we would have food. He got better and then lost his job in January 2021. He did find work in February and has a steady job; however, we are still barely making it each month. He is having some medical issues and has to miss work, so his paychecks are less. I do not know how we could feed our family without Community Food Share.

Not being able to get EBT has been tough and still is, but Community Food Share is always there with smiling faces and warmth.”

— The Franz Family