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Feeding Children is a Work of Heart

How one school district is working to end childhood hunger The past two years have been a crash course in crisis response. With unprecedented circumstances came a sweeping effort from our medical community, government institutions, and non-profit sector to keep families and businesses afloat. From this incredible response, one unexpected player emerged holding ...

2022-05-06T10:26:11-06:00May 6, 2022|Impact Stories|

Let’s Talk About Food Waste

Everyone's been there: it's time to clean out your refrigerator, and as you work your way through the back of the fridge, you discover long-forgotten sauces, vegetables, or leftovers that sadly are well past their prime. The average American household wastes $1,866 worth of food annually. Still, your walk of shame from the refrigerator ...

2022-04-08T16:26:34-06:00April 8, 2022|Hunger 101|

Relax Your “Hurry-Up”

Written by Susanne Menge for Community Food Share. You can also watch our interview with Susanne by clicking here. I never imagined I would be on the receiving end of Community Food Share. On a warm summer day in 2021, I awoke with a sense of foreboding. Instead of looking forward to ...

2022-02-03T14:57:09-07:00February 3, 2022|Impact Stories|

Wildfire Update

Click Here for Our Updated Wildfire Response & Resources Our hearts are broken with the knowledge that hundreds of homes and businesses were lost due to the Marshall Fire that devastated our communities on December 30th. At the same time, we feel tremendous gratitude for the selfless actions of our first responders who ...

2022-01-03T16:16:01-07:00December 31, 2021|Updates|

How Has Inflation Impacted Community Food Share?

Are you experiencing sticker shock every time you check out at the grocery store? Us too. Food costs have soared since the start of 2020, including the 15% rise in meat, poultry, fish, and egg prices. Whether you’re feeling the pressure on your own budget or not, you’ve probably heard the phrase ...

2021-12-10T14:01:29-07:00December 9, 2021|Hunger 101|

Supporting Others Through Art and Joy

Debbie Noel is the author of Drop In With Debbie, a blog published on the City of Longmont website that tells the stories of interesting and inspiring folks who are over the age of 50. She brings understanding and relevance to our lives through her words. Debbie has a long career serving others. She has ...

2021-12-03T11:06:10-07:00December 3, 2021|Impact Stories|

From Surviving to Thriving

Residents keep Elder Share distribution afloat Fear and isolation are effects of the pandemic we’ve all had to navigate, but for many of our older neighbors, fear swelled to terror while isolation threatened their health. Here in Boulder, residents at Golden West Senior Living remained connected through one of the best connectors of ...

2022-07-08T12:59:29-06:00November 8, 2021|Impact Stories|

Going Back to Our Roots

When it comes to food rescue, we were ahead of our time. Community Food Share was founded in 1981 as a local solution to a growing problem: hunger. At the same time that so many people in our community were struggling to feed their families, food waste was growing to unprecedented levels ...

2021-09-15T15:55:01-06:00September 10, 2021|40th Anniversary|

Get the Facts on SNAP

At Community Food Share, we empower our neighbors to overcome life’s setbacks. In a year when grocery prices rose at a record pace, we’ve added a new service to help community members make their budgets go further: SNAP outreach and application assistance. Previously known as food stamps, SNAP carries some misperceptions and myths, so ...

2021-08-06T09:04:54-06:00August 6, 2021|Hunger 101|