COVID-19 Response & Prevention

In light of the pandemic, hunger has spiked in our local communities, and much of what’s to come remains unknown. At Community Food Share, we know one thing for sure: our food bank remains open, and we will do whatever we can to keep food flowing into the community.

Since the pandemic hit Colorado in March, we have distributed over 1 million pounds of food each month — the highest monthly totals since we opened our doors nearly four decades ago. More than 40,000 of our neighbors relied on our network of food pantries and meal programs even before the pandemic, and these record-breaking numbers are evidence that more and more community members are needing help for the first time. In fact, we expect a 35% increase in demand for food from our food bank for months to come.

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To keep pace with our community’s increased need, our food bank requires more resources — in the six months following the pandemic’s arrival in our community, we purchased 4 times more food than we did during the same timeframe in 2019. This is our reality for the long haul, as we anticipate the recovery period lasting much longer than the virus itself. Help us keep our community fed by donating to our COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund.

Donate to COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund

How We’re Helping

Despite the many pandemic-induced trials, we continue to adapt. And thanks to your support, we’ve stepped up to meet the need.

An infographic explains how food distribution has changed at Community Food Share since the start of the pandemic. Top left: 32% increase in food distribution. Top right: 6 consecutive months of more than 1 million pounds of food distributed. Bottom: from March to August of 2019, three truckloads of food were purchased, while 21 truckloads of food were purchased from March to August of 2020 for distribution to the community.

Changes to Our Food Distribution Programs

To maintain social distancing, we have modified the ways we distribute food through all of our programs:

  • Our onsite pantry is now a drive-through model. Please remain in your car, and our staff and volunteers will load food into your trunk.
  • Our mobile pantries and senior program, Elder Share, provide prepackaged boxes of food.
  • We continue to serve residents of Boulder County and Broomfield County; please bring a photo ID and proof of address in order to enroll.

As a reminder to all of our program participants, please send a friend, family member, or neighbor on your behalf, if any of the following are true:

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Our onsite pantry and our mobile pantries are open during their normal days and times.

We unfortunately do not have the capacity to offer a delivery service; however, if you are homebound, the following resources may be helpful to you:

  • Via Mobility is temporarily offering to pick up groceries from Community Food Share’s programs, and deliver them to you at home. Please note that this is limited to residents of Boulder, Lafayette, Erie, Superior, and Louisville. You do not need to qualify for Via’s services to access this option. You must coordinate this delivery service directly with Via: call (303) 447-2848, and press 0 to speak with their receptionist.
  • Meals on Wheels offers meal delivery. To find the program serving your neighborhood, click here.
  • RTD’s Access-a-Ride is offering grocery pick-up service during the COVID-19 emergency, free of charge to their customers’ homes — including groceries from Community Food Share’s onsite and mobile pantries. For information on Access-a-Ride, visit the website.
  • Carry-Out Caravan by Cultivate offers assistance with grocery ordering, purchasing, and delivering for Boulder County residents, ages 60+ (note: they may expand their service area soon). For details, click here.

At our onsite pantry only, we are able to offer very basic customization: participants may opt in or out of some food categories, and we are able to provide some vegan and gluten-free options if they are available.

We unfortunately cannot offer customizations at our mobile pantries or Elder Share sites at the moment; you will receive a box of pre-packed food.

Please note that these changes are solely in response to COVID-19. Typically, participants can fully choose what you receive. We will return to a choice model when it is safe to do so.

You are able to visit Feeding Families, our onsite pantry, once a week. In addition, each mobile pantry and Elder Share location offers food twice a month.

During our drive-through distributions, please bring a photo ID and proof of address in order to enroll. Note that our food bank serves residents of Boulder County and Broomfield County.

The person shopping for you (i.e., your proxy shopper) will need to provide your name and birthday. Please note that our food bank serves residents of Boulder County and Broomfield County.

In addition to Community Food Share’s programs, as well as other food pantries and meal programs normally available in our community, each school district is offering free meals to families. Click below for information by district:

We are able to offer very basic customization of food boxes at our Feeding Families onsite food pantry only. Participants are able to opt in or out of food categories, and we are able to provide some vegan and gluten-free options if they are available. Our current offering contains a variety of items (including fresh produce) that your household should be able to consume, including those with dietary restrictions. You can also decline milk and/or meat at the time of pick-up, and if you receive something you cannot use, please pass it along to someone who can.

Cambios Importantes en la Distribución de Alimentos

La seguridad y el bienestar de nuestros participantes, socios, voluntarios y personal son nuestra principal prioridad, mientras seguimos comprometidos con nuestra misión de acabar con el hambre en los Condados de Boulder y Broomfield.

A partir de 16 de marzo, la distribución de alimentos a través de nuestros programas será modificada, efectiva de inmediato y hasta nuevo aviso:

  • Todos nuestros programas modificarán su modelo de distribución para promover el distanciamiento social. Nuestra despensa en Louisville se trasladará a un modelo de distribución “servicio al carro”. Por favor, permanezca en su automóvil, y nuestro personal o voluntarios cargarán alimentos a su maletero o al asiento trasero.
  • Nuestra despensa móvil y nuestro programa para personas mayores, Elder Share, distribuirán cajas de alimentos preenvasados.
  • Continuamos sirviendo a los residentes de los Condados de Boulder y Broomfield; por favor traiga una identificación con foto y un recibo o documento con su nombre y dirección para registrarse.

Como recordatorio para todos nuestros participantes, envíe a un amigo, familiar o vecino si se cumple alguna de las siguientes condiciones:

Preguntas Frecuentes

No. En este momento, nuestra despensa en Louisville y nuestras despensas móviles están ocurriendo en sus días y horarios normales.

En nuestra despensa en sitio, ofrecemos una personalización muy básica: los participantes pueden optar por llevar o no dentro de algunas categorias de comida, y ofrecemos algunas opciones de comida vegana y sin gluten cuando hay disponibles. Desafortunadamente en este momento no podemos ofrecer personalización en nuestras despensas móviles o para Elder Share; usted recibirá una caja de comida pre-empacada. Por favor tome nota de que estos cambios sólo son en respuesta a COVID-19. Típicamente, los participantes pueden escoger lo que quieren recibir. Regresaremos a este modelo de opciones cuando sea seguro hacerlo.

Usted puede visitar Feeding Families, nuestra despensa en sitio, una vez a la semana. Adicionalmente, cada despensa móvil y Elder Share ofrece comida dos veces al mes.

Durante nuestras distribuciones de alimentos modificadas temporalmente, traiga una identificación con foto y un recibo o documento con su nombre y dirección para registrarse. Tenga en cuenta que nuestro banco de alimentos sirve a los residentes de los Condados de Boulder y Broomfield.

La persona que compra por usted (su “Apoderado”) necesitará dar el nombre de usted y su fecha de nacimiento. Por favor tome nota que nuestro banco de comida da servicio a residentes de los condados de Boulder y Broomfield.

Además de los programas de Community Food Share, así como los de otras despensas de alimentos y programas de comidas disponibles normalmente en nuestra comunidad, cada distrito escolar está ofreciendo comidas gratis a las familias en este momento. Haga clic abajo para obtener información de cada distrito:

No, lamentablemente no tenemos la capacidad de ofrecer entregas a domicilio; sin embargo, si está confinado en su hogar, los siguientes recursos pueden serle útiles:

  • Meals on Wheels ofrece entrega de comidas a domicilio. Para encontrar el programa que sirve a su vecindario, haga clic aquí.
  •  Via Mobility está temporalmente ofrecido recoger alimentos de los programas de Community Food Share y entregárselos en su casa. Tenga en cuenta que esto se limita a los residentes de Boulder, Lafayette, Erie, Superior, y Louisville. No necesita calificar para los servicios de Via para acceder a esta opción. Debe coordinar este servicio de entrega directamente con Via: llame al (303) 447-2848 y presione 0 para hablar con su recepcionista.
  • Carry-Out Caravan por Cultivate ofrece asistencia para ordenar, comprar y entregar comestibles a los residentes del Condado de Boulder, mayores de 60 años (nota: pueden estar ampliando su área de servicio pronto). Para más detalles, haga clic aquí.
  • RTD’s Access-a-Ride está ofreciendo, libre de costo, un servicio para “entrega de alimentos” a las casas de sus clientes durante la emergencia del COVID-19. Este servicio incluye los comestibles de la despensa de Louisville y de las despensas móviles de Community Food Share. Para obtener información sobre Access-a-Ride, visite la página web.

Podemos ofrecer una personalización muy básica de las cajas de comida, solamente en nuestra despensa en sitio Feeding Families. Los participantes pueden optar por llevar o no dentro de algunas categorias de comida, y ofrecemos algunas opciones de comida vegana y sin gluten cuando hay disponibles. Nuestra oferta actual contiene una variedad de artículos (incluyendo productos frescos) que los miembros de su familia deberían poder consumirlos, incluyendo a aquellos con restricciones alimenticias. Usted puede también rechazar la leche y/o carne al momento de recogerlos, y si recibe algo que no puede usar, páselo a alguien que si pueda.

Changes to Our Volunteer Program

Volunteers are an essential part of our operation — they nearly double our workforce! Volunteer activities continue to operate in accordance with CDC recommendations and social distancing requirements (maintaining 6 feet of physical distance between all people at all times along with frequent hand washing and sanitizing). Out of an abundance of caution, the following changes are effective until further notice:

  • All volunteers must come to their shift wearing a mask that covers their mouth and nose. In an effort to reserve supplies for our community’s medical staff, we encourage our volunteers to wear non-medical, cloth face masks.
  • Volunteers must complete our symptom self-monitoring log before every shift (detailed instructions are provided when you arrive).
  • We cannot accept volunteers under the age of 10.
  • Tuesday evening sessions are discontinued.
  • First-time volunteers should follow the instructions on this page, including watching our volunteer orientation video and safety video.
  • If the CDC considers you or someone in your household as high-risk, we do not recommend that you volunteer at this time.

As always, please cancel your shift if you are experiencing symptoms of illness (including any symptoms associated with COVID-19). Contact the Volunteer Department at (303) 652-3663 so that we can plan accordingly.

An infographic explainings Community Food Share’s direct service programs and partnerships. Top left: 28,670 visits to our direct service programs. Our onsite pantry saves families $187 per week in groceries on average. Top right: 40 food pantries and meal programs continue to rely on us, and we’ve provided up to two and even three times more food to them.

Prevention Strategies

The safety and well-being of our participants, partners, volunteers, and staff are our top priority, as we remain committed to our mission. We want you to know how we are keeping the entire Community Food Share family safe.

We have always done the following to safeguard our visitors:

  • Maintain best practices related to cleaning, sanitization, and food safety.
  • Ask that any visitor not feeling well or displaying signs of illness join us when well.
  • Require all staff and volunteers to wash their hands and use gloves when necessary, which we provide.

Community Food Share has implemented several additional precautions:

  • We are adhering to all employer requirements set forth by Boulder County.
  • We are requiring all guests to wear face coverings and to complete our symptom self-monitoring log, indicating that they are not experiencing symptoms of illness (including temperature checks). Detailed instructions are provided at arrival.
  • We have enhanced our cleaning procedures by:
    • Increasing the frequency of our professional cleaning services
    • Increasing sanitization of high-touch surfaces between cleanings
    • Providing additional hand sanitizer stations for all visitors
  • Posting the CDC’s recommendations for illness prevention throughout our building.

This page was last updated on Wednesday, December 9.

If you have additional questions about Community Food Share’s response to COVID-19, please contact:

Community Food Share Front Office
(303) 652-3663