At Community Food Share, new partnerships have blossomed to create innovative, efficient solutions that get food to neighbors who are particularly vulnerable during this challenging time: older adults, people with disabilities, and families with children or adults who are immunocompromised.

More than 200 households now access our food with free delivery provided by Via. The Boulder-based non-profit has expanded its typical transportation services to fill gaps that have emerged as a result of the virus. In addition to delivering to the doorsteps of individuals who need our food, Via delivers our boxes of fresh and shelf-stable items to five affordable, senior housing communities, managed by Boulder Housing Partners. When the food arrives, Boulder Food Rescue’s Grocery Program Coordinators and other Boulder Housing Partners residents ensure the groceries are safely dispersed.

We applaud Via for how quickly they adapted to meet our community’s changing needs, and we are honored to partner with this group of remarkable organizations. Though the pandemic has amplified many of the needs in our community, it has also illuminated the collaborative spirit of our local charity network.

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When Lisa called from the Midwest, worried that her aging mom in Boulder didn’t have food, Via picked up groceries from our pantry and delivered them to her doorstep same day.