Hunger and Food Insecurity

What is hunger?

Hunger is the personal, physical sensation of discomfort from a lack of food. Hunger can also lead to a lack of concentration, irritability, and a host of social and behavioral issues — particularly in children. Individuals who are food insecure may experience hunger.

What is food insecurity?

Food insecurity is the lack of consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy lifestyle. So, while hunger is related to food insecurity, food insecurity refers to a lack of available financial resources for food in a household.

Community Food Share uses the terms “hunger” and “food insecurity” interchangeably.

Hunger in Boulder and Broomfield Counties

Our service area includes Boulder and Broomfield Counties. The two counties are often considered to be quite wealthy — but hunger affects our neighbors here just like the rest of the state (and country).


people are hungry in Boulder and Broomfield Counties.


of children are food insecure — that’s 6,400 children.


is the average cost per meal — nearly 30% above the national average.

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Hunger in Colorado

In Colorado474,420 people are facing hunger – and of them 141,570 are children.

1 in 12 children

struggles with hunger

1 in 10 people

may not know where to get their next meal

Individuals facing hunger in Colorado need, on average,


more per year to meet food needs

Map of Colorado Food Banks' Service Areas

Feeding Colorado: Colorado’s Five Food Banks

Community Food Share has four Feeding America sister food banks in Colorado: Care and Share Food Bank, Food Bank of the Rockies, Weld Food Bank, and Larimer County Food Bank. Together, we provide food for every county in the state and form the Feeding Colorado network.

We’re not the only ones fighting hunger in the state, however: hundreds of food pantries and other agencies are providing food for people in need (including our Partner Agencies).

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A Hungry Nation

Food insecurity affects every county in the United States. 34 million people are considered food insecure; of that number, 9 million are children.

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If you have additional questions about hunger in Boulder and Broomfield Counties, please contact:

Nina Stubblebine, Director of Community Collaboration
(303) 652-3663 ext. 206