Strategic Plan

Our 5-Year Roadmap

Our plan is divided into four Strategic Outcomes — they represent the core pillars of our investment and focus. Each outcome is designed to best serve our program participants, and our overall success will be achieved by delivering results in close partnership with our key stakeholders.

For details on each of these outcomes, as well as the metrics we’ll use to measure our progress and our timeline of activities, we invite you to view the complete report.

Join Us

This is our roadmap to the future — a future we can’t reach without you.

We need your support to maintain our time-tested strategies and to pursue new opportunities for growth. We commit to working hard and ensuring your gift makes the most impact possible. How? By leveraging local and national food donor relationships, negotiating significant savings on produce and protein purchases, engaging our volunteer corps, and collaborating with our strong network of community partners.

Because together, we better serve the participants who rely on us. Together, we can achieve our vision of a hunger-free community.

Strategic Outcome 1: Optimize the food distribution network through operational efficiency, collaborative partnerships, and participant-focused distribution projects.
Strategic Outcome 2: Source, develop, and manage resources to support our mission: food to meet the need, funds to sustain operations, data and education to guide our decisions, and staff and volunteers to accomplish the work.
Strategic Outcome 3: Improve food access: reduce the gaps in food access across our service area.
Strategic Outcome 4: Amplify our community’s effort to eliminate hunger by (1) supporting organizations and programs that promote participant self-sufficiency, (II) educating and influencing our community to take action, and (III) affecting policy through advocacy.

If you prefer a printed copy, please contact, and we’ll happily send one to you.

If you have questions about the plan, or you’d like to discuss how you can support it, please contact:

Kim Da Silva, CEO
(303) 652-3663 ext. 204