Adam Deal

Community Food Share allows me, as an individual, to thrive! It allows my passion, skills, personality, and work ethic to shine through. It fills me up every day and gives me that feeling of accomplishment when I go home. It gives me the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself each and ...

2023-09-14T13:24:18-06:00September 14, 2023|

Alex Bernat

I love being surrounded by the generous and proactive staff and volunteers here at Community Food Share. We are a strong community held together by a shared passion for service, and I feel incredibly fortunate to know so many incredible people who do this important work of feeding our community.

2023-09-14T13:16:33-06:00September 14, 2023|

John Lee

I get to selfishly spend my work hours each week doing something that I would otherwise want to do anyway. To be fulfilled in the way you spend your time is not so common, and even less common is the ability to support yourself and your family in doing so. I am profoundly fortunate to ...

2023-09-14T13:24:56-06:00September 14, 2023|