Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Food

If you are in need of food today and aren’t sure where to go, Community Food Share can help. Call us at (303) 652-3663, or visit our Food Finder Map to find a resource near you.

  • Feeding Families onsite food pantry for individuals, families, and anyone else in need. Find out more.
  • Elder Share for eligible seniors at various locations in Boulder and Broomfield Counties. Find out more.
  • Mobile pantries for individuals and families. Mobile pantries are located at various outdoor locations on specific days and times. Find out more.
  • Referrals to food resources throughout Boulder and Broomfield Counties. Call Community Food Share at (303) 652-3663 or use our Food Finder Map to find a meal program or food pantry near you.

To maintain social distancing, we have modified the ways we distribute food through all of our programs:

  • Our onsite pantry is now a drive-through model. Please remain in your car, and our staff and volunteers will load food into your trunk.
  • Our mobile pantries and senior program, Elder Share, provide prepackaged boxes of food.
  • We continue to serve residents of Boulder County and Broomfield County; please bring a photo ID and proof of address in order to enroll.

As a reminder to all of our program participants, please send a friend, family member, or neighbor on your behalf, if any of the following are true:

We unfortunately do not have the capacity to offer a delivery service; however, if you are homebound, the following resources may be helpful to you:

  • Via Mobility is temporarily offering to pick up groceries from Community Food Share’s programs, and deliver them to you at home. Please note that this is limited to residents of Boulder and Broomfield Counties. You do not need to qualify for Via’s services to access this option. You must coordinate this delivery service directly with Via: call (303) 447-2848, and press 0 to speak with their receptionist.
  • Meals on Wheels offers meal delivery. To find the program serving your neighborhood, click here.
  • RTD’s Access-a-Ride is offering grocery pick-up service during the COVID-19 emergency, free of charge to their customers’ homes — including groceries from Community Food Share’s onsite and mobile pantries. For information on Access-a-Ride, visit the website.
  • Carry-Out Caravan by Cultivate offers assistance with grocery ordering, purchasing, and delivering for Boulder County residents, ages 60+ (note: they may expand their service area soon). For details, click here.

Unfortunately, no. In an effort to take the precautions necessary to keep our participants, staff, and volunteers safe, you will be receiving a box of pre-packed food. We are doing our best to continue offering you a high variety of food.

In addition to Community Food Share’s programs, as well as other food pantries and meal programs normally available in our community, each school district is offering free meals to families. Click below for information by district:

We have adjusted our food distributions to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. During this time, we cannot offer customizations.

That being said, our current offering contains a variety of items (including fresh produce) that you and your household members should be able to consume, including those with dietary restrictions. You can decline milk and/or meat at the time of pick-up, and if you receive something you cannot use, please pass it along to someone who can.

Use our Food Finder Map to find a meal program or food pantry near you.

If you live outside of Boulder County or Broomfield County, you can use this tool to find your local food bank.

Yes, you are welcome to come to Community Food Share AND use other community resources. You can search for other charitable organizations with our Food Finder Map.

No, shopping at Community Food Share will not impact your SNAP benefits in any way.

Looking for FAQs about a particular program?

The following webpages include additional FAQs about the programs we offer:

Onsite Food Pantry

For individuals and families

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Senior Food Program

For older adults

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