Emergency Food at Community Food Share

Anyone who comes to Community Food Share in need of food assistance will receive help.

If you don’t have enough food to last until the next time a resource or program is open, Community Food Share can provide emergency food items to help bridge the gap. Call us at (303) 652-3663 if you are in need of food today and aren’t sure where to go. This service is available to individuals and families once every three months. You may also be able to receive additional food assistance from The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), a federal program.

You will be connected with information about other resources while you are here.

Other Options for Immediate Assistance

You can find a variety of charitable meal and grocery programs for Boulder County and Broomfield County residents using our Food Finder Map. If you live outside of Boulder and Broomfield Counties, use this tool to find your local food bank. If you are looking for groceries but all of the food pantries are closed, you may want to look for a meal program in your area.

You can also call us at (303) 652-3663 to get information about resources that will work for you and your current situation.