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Feel Good Story Time

Hey Everyone,

I had quite an eventful Longmont YMCA Mobile Pantry distribution today! I thought it was worth sharing…

So there’s construction work going on that has ALL roads, and all but one entrance to the YMCA, blocked off.

Marsha, our volunteer, and I got the tables, awnings, and tents set up with help from a couple of our participants as well as one of the construction workers who saw us struggling.

I’m continuing to set up the tables when I hear the distinct sound of a VERY flat tire on a vehicle approaching. I look up and see one of our regulars in her car, with her front passenger tire down to its rim. She is a very petite, frail, older lady who walks with a cane. She gets out, along with her 8- or 9-year-old grandson (rocking a spider man onesie), and I approach them to address her tire problem. As I begin to offer help, she doesn’t seem to hear me or understand.

Her grandson informs me that she’s “just hurting”, and I can see that she is resting on her knees, breathing deeply. I take her arm and help her over to our check-in table so she can sit in the shade. I give her a bottle of water while she catches her breath and calms her nerves a bit.
She informs me that she thinks there’s a spare tire in her trunk, so I take her keys and go into her trunk. After some sifting around, I’m able to remove the panel that covers her spare tire.

Then comes a young man, who was attending the mobile pantry for the first time that day, who offers to help change the tire. Luckily he has a jack, so I hand the task off to him, because we’re already a few minutes late getting started, and I need to staff the meat/milk section. He changed her tire, went through the line for her and got her some groceries, and off she went! I was so relieved that the young man was willing and able to help, and I hope to see him again, as I was not able to thank him properly for his assistance.

To top it off, Margaret (another volunteer) informed me that the construction workers were helping all the older ladies using the crosswalks in the construction area. They helped them cross the street and carried their groceries for them!

It was just a really lovely display of selfless acts of kindness all around today! I was lucky enough to see some of it.

— Kristina Galvin, Mobile Distribution Associate

Our team of staff has developed the habit of sharing “feel good” stories via staff-wide emails. These messages usually recount brief moments, but they’re the kind of moments that remind all of us why we do what we do.

Our Mobile Distribution Association, Kristina Galvin (or, “KG” as we like to call her), recently sent an email, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share it with you.