Community Food Share’s Wish List

You can help Community Food Share fight local hunger by giving funds, donating food, or volunteering. But did you know there are other ways to support our mission?

Seeking Farm & Sanctuary Partners in Need of Animal Feed

We have food to share with local farms and animal sanctuaries for use as animal feed.

When we receive donated food that is no longer safe for human consumption, we make every effort to convert it to animal feed (as opposed to sending it to a compost facility or landfill). We’re looking for new partners interested in regularly picking up the bread, dairy, and produce items we have to share. If interested, please contact Adam Deal at or (303) 652-3663 ext. 211.

Mostly breads and pastries, as well as some dairy and produce. These foods are often frozen and packaged.

Yes. And ideally, we’re looking for ongoing partners who will pick up consistently.

No, but many of our current farm partners pick up from us weekly.

No; it’s based on our availability and your capacity.

This is entirely up to the farm or sanctuary; however, some of our current partners raise pigs, goats, and chickens.

Top Needs

Below, you’ll find a list of services and items that would be extremely helpful for our food bank. Every $1 you save the food bank on costly expenses like these is another three meals provided to our local community!

  • Portable speaker system with microphone

    If you, your company, or someone you know would like to donate these items or services to support Community Food Share, please contact:

    Kristina Thomas, Director of Philanthropy & Marketing
    303.652.3663, ext. 240