Access Your Gift Service Center

Returning Users

To view information about your monthly gift or to make changes to your personal information, visit our Gift Service Center.

Within the Gift Service Center, you can:

  • Update your username, email address, mailing address, or phone number
  • Edit your payment method, monthly giving amount, or billing information
  • View your monthly giving transactions
  • Change or reset your password
  • Update your email preferences

If the change you’d like to make cannot be performed in the Gift Service Center, please call Steffanie Frye at (303) 652-3663 ext. 213.

Returning Users: Access Gift Service Center

New to the Gift Service Center?

Follow these instructions before trying to log in for the first time:

  1. Go to this page to set your password. The page will prompt you to reset a forgotten password; however, don’t be confused! It is also used to set first-time passwords. The page should look like this:
  2. Please ignore the text regarding registration, and follow the steps below.
  3. Enter the email address associated with your monthly gift for both the username and email address sections.
  4. Hit submit.
  5. Shortly after, you should receive an email from “Site Administrator” providing the link to set your password (remember to check your spam/junk folder). Navigate to the email, and click the link provided to set your password.
  6. In the page that opens, enter the email address associated with your monthly gift as your username; then, create a password. You can create a password hint too, if you like.
  7. Press submit. You should now be able to log in to the Gift Service Center with your username (i.e. email address) and the password you just created. The log-in page should look like this:
  8. Once you enter your username (i.e. email address) and password and click submit, congratulations! You’ve access the Gift Service Center, which should look like the screenshot below.

Having issues?

Call Steffanie at (303) 652-3663 ext. 213 to receive assistance.