Donate Food from Your Pantry, Garden, or Grocery Cart

Eighty-eight percent of the food we distribute is donated to us, including food donations from individuals like you!

Drop Off Food Donations

Food donations are accepted in our office lobby Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-4:30 PM. We accept perishable and non-perishable items that are unopened. We are happy to help you unload large, heavy bags and boxes.

Food Donation Guidelines

Community Food Share is committed to the safety and health of those who receive food from us. All food donations are sorted to comply with federal, state, and local food safety regulations. You can help by following these guidelines when donating food:

Canned and Dry Goods: Unopened and in original packaging with labels; packaging is in good condition (no dents, bulging, or rust); donated no more than 6 months past use-by date.

Fresh Produce: Uncut with no signs of mold, spoilage, or severe bruising; we accept garden-fresh produce as well (see Garden Share)!

Dairy Products: Unopened; must have been kept at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or lower at all times (including transportation to CFS); donated on or before the sell-by date.

Baked Goods: Must be prepared in a licensed kitchen; in their original packaging with proper labeling; donated no more than 2 days past the sell-by date.

Meat Products: Unopened and frozen on or before the sell-by date; items must be less than 3 months old (and frozen the entire time).

Deli Products (e.g. salads and sandwiches): Unopened and in the original packaging with labels and complete list of ingredients; donated before the sell-by date.

Prepared & Catered Food: If you are a caterer or you have a large donation of prepared foods, please contact our food procurement manager in advance: (303) 652-3663 ext. 211.

Livestock & Wild Game: Frozen donations of livestock and wild game are accepted only if the meat has been processed and packaged in a USDA meat processing facility.

Interested in Organizing a Food & Fund Drive?

Visit our Food & Fund Drive page for the tools and tips needed to plan and promote your drive.