Garden Share

Gardeners, we invite you to donate your freshly picked fruits, vegetables, and herbs to Community Food Share. No donation is too small!

How to Donate Food from Your Garden

Garden donations are accepted Monday–Friday, 8:00 AM–4:30 PM at Community Food Share: 650 S. Taylor Avenue, Louisville. Bring donations to our main lobby. We’re happy to help unload large harvests.

No place to plant? Join a community garden:

Not a Gardener or Farmer? You Can Still Help Us Increase Local Produce Donations:

Help Glean the Harvest

Local farms call Community Food Share when they have an abundant harvest or it’s time to plant a new crop. Our ability to collect and distribute this incredibly fresh produce is dependent on volunteer availability. If you are interested in helping glean food on our behalf, contact Pete Terpenning with Earth’s Table at or (303) 859-1733.

Earth’s Table

We are proud to partner with Earth’s Table, a local group that has been growing food for those in need since 1999. Volunteers grow produce on donated land and 100% of the harvest goes to non-profit organizations, including Community Food Share. Find out more by visiting Earth’s Table’s Facebook page or email