Claudia’s Note

To Food Share and all its volunteers,

We all know what a difficult year this has been for the world, our America, our Colorado, and our community. It goes without saying, but I must take this time to thank the Food Share sponsors, volunteers, and staff for the miraculous job that you are all doing. Our community is so lucky to have such a Cadillac food share company taking care of us. Your prepared boxes are a Godsend to my small family and so thoughtfully prepared. Your care for this community brings me to tears. Your staff is loving and patient with us all.

The variety you offer us is second to none! Thank you Food Share, Glenn, Christina, and all the staff for your giving and loving blessings you give us. This is that time of year when we must reflect on how we have even made it through this time. I for one and my family are so grateful for your expertise helping us make it through this pandemic. It’s a blessing to open the fridge and think how many people made this happen to put food on our table. We are so lucky to have your organization watching over this community. We are so lucky, we are so grateful, the blessings are overwhelming.

Thank you Community Food Share — You make this sentence shine in the eyes of God.

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you from me!


A note from our participant, Claudia