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Shattering the Stigma

There’s a story about hunger that’s gone untold: hunger on college campuses. For decades, we’ve laughed at the stereotype of students surviving on ramen noodle diets, but the joke’s over. A study released this spring revealed that 45% of university and college students in America report being food insecure. As the costs associated with ...

2021-01-04T15:37:34-07:00December 11, 2020|Impact Stories|

There With Care

Cancer. Few words carry as much weight as this one. For Laura, it’s a word that currently qualifies one of her cherished titles: no longer is she simply a “mom,” she’s now a “cancer mom.” At age three, Laura’s daughter, Claire, was diagnosed with an extremely rare and aggressive brain cancer. Her son was born just three months prior.   Laura and her husband watched as chemo ...

2020-11-12T14:38:17-07:00December 1, 2020|Impact Stories|

Prepared Meals Help Bridge the Gap

On a typical day in Feeding Families, our onsite pantry, participants browse the aisles and fill their carts — just like a grocery store. When COVID-19 reached Colorado, however, we were forced to transform the pantry into a drive-through. Though our visitors still leave with trunks full of fresh produce, proteins, and pantry staples, ...

2020-11-11T14:52:03-07:00November 9, 2020|Impact Stories|

The Tipping Point

For Debra, the pandemic was the push to seek help for the first time In her late fifties, rapid and severe degeneration in Debra’s eyes led to an unexpected, early retirement from the nurse practitioner career she cherished. Today, at the age of 62, Debra is legally blind. Despite this life-altering disability, Debra has ...

2020-10-29T14:31:41-06:00November 1, 2020|Impact Stories|

Our 2020 Gratitude Report

Despite the many obstacles COVID-19 has presented, we made tremendous accomplishments in the fight against local hunger this fiscal year — all thanks to our supporters like you. Check out everything we were able to achieve together: We distributed 11.2 million pounds of food (12% more than last year), and 76% of it was ...

2020-10-29T10:13:50-06:00October 21, 2020|Updates|

The Math of Giving Back

Jesse can remember exactly what the lunch trays at the Syracuse YMCA looked like. As a child, he often went there for a free meal.“They were this weird tan color, kind of speckled like eggshells,” he recalled. “And glassy smooth.”Now an adult, this programmer, developer, and engineer is carefully calculating how he can grow food ...

2020-08-28T09:44:32-06:00August 27, 2020|Supporter Spotlight|

Resilience in Our Mountain Communities

Mondays are Chris Current’s favorite day at the Nederland Food Pantry. After her weekly pick-up at Community Food Share, the week begins with picture-perfect, overflowing shelves. But by Saturday, they’re empty, because the pantry is serving nearly three times the number of households it supported before the virus. Though Chris, Executive Director, has spent ...

2020-08-28T09:42:41-06:00July 16, 2020|Impact Stories|

A New Partnership to Meet Our Community’s Changing Needs

At Community Food Share, new partnerships have blossomed to create innovative, efficient solutions that get food to neighbors who are particularly vulnerable during this challenging time: older adults, people with disabilities, and families with children or adults who are immunocompromised. More than 200 households now access our food with free delivery provided by Via. ...

2020-09-17T15:04:07-06:00July 14, 2020|Supporter Spotlight|

A USDA Program to Keep Farmers and Families Afloat

Dumped milk. Buried onions. Plowed-under potatoes. The coronavirus pandemic has not only become the worst public health crisis in modern history — it’s a financial nightmare for farmers and a food waste disaster. But the USDA’s Coronavirus Food Assistance Program works to address these issues, and the program’s positive impact has been felt close ...

2020-08-28T09:43:28-06:00July 9, 2020|Impact Stories|