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Food Donors

Feeding America, The Nation’s Food Bank Network

CFS is a member of Feeding America , The Nation’s Food Bank Network , a network of over 200 regional food banks across the United States. Through them, we receive tractor-trailer loads of food from corporate donors, like Kraft and Kelloggs. We also receive truckloads of produce straight from the fields.

Local Food Donors

Every year, millions of pounds of food and grocery items could potentially go to waste right here in Colorado. Fortunately, Community Food Share provides a solution to the problem of surplus inventories: boxes with dents in the corners, dairy products that are getting close to the sell-by date, produce that is pulled off the shelf because it is not perfect, and products that are not selling well. Our fleet of trucks picks up these items daily at local grocery stores and reclaims them through our food bank.

· Our staff is trained in safe food handling.

· The Good Samaritan Act protects donors from liability.

· We provide accurate and timely receipting and pick up.

Our top local donors include:

WhiteWave Foods (Horizon Organic Dairy)
Walmart Super Stores
Whole Foods
King Soopers
Lucky’s Markets
Munsons Farms

WhiteWave Foods is donating fresh Horizon Organic milk, soy and Silk products every week! This is very popular with our clients. WhiteWave has been our largest single donor for years! They currently donate 3,000 gallons of fresh milk every week! THANK YOU!!!


Purchased food

CFS periodically purchases food in bulk at wholesale prices, to supplement donated food, which may be in short supply. In this way, we can maintain a nutritionally balanced mix of inventory. We regularly buy staples like soup, beans & rice, spaghetti & sauce, and canned vegetables.


Food Drives

CFS benefits from two major food drives each year:

Let’s Bag Hunger, in Boulder (sponsored by the Daily Camera)

Hunger Hurts the Whole Community, in Longmont (sponsored by the Times-Call )


Food Items we need the most are:

Canned fruits
Canned tuna & meats
100% fruit juice
pasta sauce
Dry cereal
Canned meals (stew, chili)
Peanut butter


TEFAP government commodities

CFS has been selected to distribute USDA food through the TEFAP program (The Emergency Food Assistance Program). This food is supplied by the government, and is available to low income individuals and families at no cost. Typical TEFAP products include peanut butter, dry milk, cheese, tomatoes, corn, applesauce, soup and mixed fruit.  TEFAP Nondiscrimination Statement